Planner2ics is a tool that transform Planner file information into a ICS (iCalendar) file. For the moment, the operations supported are extracting a calendar from the milestone tasks present in the Planner file, or extracting a calendar from the Planner calendars with a given list of day-types to process.

It have been designed to serve the ICS content to any Calendar application such PHP iCalendar or Sunbird which accepts remote calendars.


This tool is accesible threw the planner2ics servlet, which accepts the following parameters: This report accepts following parameters:

  • planner: the location of the file. The protocols supported are the Jakarta VFS supported ones
  • milestone: If set to true, include the planner tasks defined as milestones in the calendar, using the task title as calendar event title.
  • calendar: If set to true, include the planner calendar events which have the day types equals to the list given in the day-types parameter. The title of the calendar event will be "calendar-name:day-type".
  • day-types: comma separated list of day types to include.


Planner file is on server local filesystem: /home/me/planning.planner, and I only want to show the milestones in the calendar:
Planner file is accessible from HTTP: http://myworkstation/~me/planning.planner, and I want to show both the milestones and the "non-working" day type in the calendar: