Imendio Planner is a project managment tool for planning, scheduling and tracking projects. The project is run by Imendio, who develops the software in cooperation with the Planner community.

Bugzilla Update tool updates both Bugzilla with Planner information, and Planner with Bugzilla information. It also generates a reports sent by mail. The link between Planner and Bugzilla is done using the title of the task of Planner. It must start with [<bug-number>] where <bug-number> have to be replaced with the corresponding bug number.


Information updated in Bugzilla

The deadline: updated with the end date of the planner task

Information updated in Planner

In Planner, the percentage-complete is set to 100% if the the bug is RESOLVED FIXED, calculated otherwise.

In order to perform this calculation, and knowing that the users do not always set the "Hours Left" field in Bugzilla, the Original Estimate is taken rather that Current Estimate if Current Estimate is set to "0.0".

Information sent in the report

A report on the update is generated and sent by e-mail. It provides each calculated percentages, and gives warning for the following situations:

  • Confusing Task title (it start with a '[' and contains a ']' character), but does not contains a valid bug number.
  • A bug planned to be completed at the time of the process execution is not RESOLVED
  • The bug current estimate is greater or lesser than the one planned, with a given configurable tolerance
  • The task percentage complete is 100% but the bug is not marked as RESOLVED
  • The bug appears twice in the planning

Task starting notification

A notification can be sent to the bug owner to let him/her know that the task is about to start in the planning. The "about to" parameter is configurable.


This tool accepts HTTP request with the Planner file to update posted into the HTTP request. The updated Planner file is the HTTP response, where reports are sent by e-mails. This architecture currently satisfies everybody, but a more elaborate one can be developed

So basically, using this tools is building a HTTP request. In earlier versions, I did provide a little Java program to build it, but I removed it for reasons I already exposed in this documentation

One technical solution is to use cURL to build the query, and provided exemples will be done using this tool


The base URL is: http://www; It must be a multipart HTTP query. The tool accepts the following parameters:

Parameter Mandatory Default value Possible values Description
planner-file yes - File File content
mail-report no - Comma separated list of e-mail addresses E-mail receipient where the report will be sent
task-starting-notification no false true or false Activate the task starting notification feature


In the following example, we post a Planner and save the result. We do not forget to backup a copy of the old file before replacing by the updated one :p

$> curl -o /path/to/ -F "planner-file=@/path/to/my_planner-file.planner;type=application/planner" -F ","
$> cp /path/to/my_planner-file.planner /path/to/my_planner-file.planner.back
$> cp /path/to/ /path/to/my_planner-file.planner